Founded by a group of chemists and scientists determined to find cleaner ways to consume cannabis, the Clear™ is the original cannabis concentrate company. Their passion for cannabis inspired separation and purification of the plant material, which led to more purification and ultimately a perfect consumption experience. The Clear™ is not only the first and original distilled cannabis product, but it remains the best and purest cannabis product even today. 
In it’s raw form, the Clear™ distillate immediately gained favor amongst the community as the cleanest and most effective medication in the marketplace. With no taste or odor, the Clear™ represented a perfect opportunity to formulate a wide range of options so that everyone can enjoy the Clear™ in your own personal way. Next step was obvious, expand the options of the Clear™. Unlike most other vaping and dabbing concentrates, the Clear™ makes all of our flavors and terpenes in house. The cleanest way to consume cannabis, and by far the best tasting in the world.

Jan. 2013

Out of California based lab, the first ‘distillate’ is made.

April 2013

The Clear™ uses steam distilled plant extracts to flavor The Clear™.

Feb 2014

The Clear™ trademarks the name The Clear™ in all markets; cited in Ed Rosenthal’s book, Beyond Buds, as the gold standard of cannabis extract.

Jan 2015

The Clear™ demand soars and licensing program is started to be able to serve customers in other states.

June 2015

The Clear™ expands to AZ, CO, CA, WA, OR, and MI.

Aug 2015

The Clear™ launches patented nitro-hash Baroni.

March 2017

The Clear™ teams with Batmann Consulting for new Colorado manufacturing, and global licensing.