The Clear Hardware Questions

A blinking disposable means that your battery in the unit has died. Our disposable pens do not have a recharge feature in them so once they are done they are unusable.

 If you have started using your vape and you have oil left but the pen stops working there are a few reasons this could happen including oil viscosity, storage parameters and length of storage time, size of puffs, and, in some cases manufacturer defects. 

If your vape pen is not working, simply return it to your dispensary for replacement. First, make sure you have your receipt for the purchase of your vape. Second, contact the store where you purchased the vape and let them know about the issue. 

Most dispensaries will allow you to return the vape but their policy for how many days after purchase may differ. If you return your vape, you should be able to purchase a new one at a discount.

There are some ways to try and salvage the oil. If there is a significant amount of oil in the pen you can try warming the tank and once warm turn it on a 45° angle to allow the oil to flow out of the device. This technique will not work if there is only a small amount of oil left.

The first thing to do is to identify if the problem is the cartridge or the battery you are connecting it to. Ensure the battery is fully charged. 

Next remove the cartridge from the battery and check that you have a clean surface on the bottom ring of the cartridge between the threading. Also check that you have a clean surface on the center post contact of the battery, between the threading where you screw in the cartridge. Once you clean those two surfaces free of debris simply screw the cartridge back in and take a puff. 

If your cartridge is clogging, this can be caused by several variables. Some common ones include the amount of oil in the hardware. 1g cartridges will be more likely to have this happen than a .5g cartridge. 

Other factors that cause clogging include the viscosity, or thickness of the oil, the temperatures your hardware is exposed to both environmentally but also from your battery if you are heating the oil up too much. This can cause it to get too runny and flood the center post. Also, consider how long it has been sitting in the cartridge and at what angles. It’s a good general practice to store your cartridge upright as much as possible to keep the apertures covered with oil.

If you draw the pen too hard it will lead to what’s called the “Straw Affect”. This is where the oil actually comes up out the mouthpieces like a straw. This can clog the cartridge in which case you need to clean that oil out of the mouthpiece with a toothpick or something similar. 

Thankfully a clog is usually manageable. Here are a few things to try.

  1. First, if you experience popping, where you pick up the cartridge, go to take a hit and it pops, do not draw harder the next time this happens. Instead take very slow calm hits to release that pop then you can resume your normal hit. By doing this you are not sucking more oil through the apertures and instead releasing the pop at just that spot. One technique to release a popping cartridge is to twist back and forth the cartridge as you take slow puffs. This helps to break that seal more quickly.
  2. The second thing to try is to use it with a button battery to either activate the pre-heat function to loosen the oil or by pressing the button to allow heat to warm the oil in the chamber.

Heating the oil then taking small gentle puffs will release the oil and the cartridge will start hitting again. Repeat as needed. Once you have a clogged cartridge you may experience it again, so it’s always recommended to take small gentle puffs from the start.

  1. If you don’t have a button battery, you can try using the warmth of your hand or a blow dryer on low to warm the cartridge to loosen up clogs and take small puffs. Do not overdo this step as you could cause further clogging of the hardware if warmed to much.

If this still doesn’t resolve the issue you can return the cartridge at the store where you bought it. Make sure you have the receipt for your cart and then contact the dispensary to let them know about the issue. 

Most dispensaries will allow you to return the cartridge but their policy for how many days after purchase may differ. When you return your cart, you will likely be able to purchase a new one at a discount.

Simply put, as you consume the oil from this airtight chamber in the cartridge, the space created must be replaced. The air that is filling that gap created by the consumption of oil is not coming from the top of the cartridge but instead through the apertures (holes in the bottom of the glass chamber) and up into that void. The existence of an air bubble is an indication that this displacement happened. As the oil leaves the cartridge, the air bubble comes in

Sometimes an air bubble can form around an aperture or even a cartridge being left on its side can cause the apertures to be exposed to air and not oil. When this happens, you will see a decrease in vapor as there is not as much oil in the chamber to vaporize. 

To fix this leave the hardware in an upright position in sunlight to allow the oil to warm drop down and cover the apertures fully, once again flooding the chamber with oil.

Each one of our cartridges are precisely filled and then checked for accuracy, so you will never receive an underfilled product. In some cases, the amount of oil that you typically see in the chamber of the cartridge can fluctuate due to the amount of oil that cartridge absorbed into the ceramic wicking material. Rest assured all hardware is filled to the amount listed.

The Clear™ and Dope™ both use ceramic coil technology, 510 thread cartridges that utilize even heat distribution, and maximum oil saturation. Ceramic coil technology delivers unparalleled vapor plumes and flavor. These cartridges are also designed so that you use every last drop of oil and you are leaving nothing in the tank when finished.

First make sure that you are purchasing the product from a state that we are in using our online store finder where all the stores that carry The Clear products are listed. Also ensure that you only purchase product from a dispensary and never online. Contact us if you would like to see current product packaging in your area.

Typically this has to do with the cartridge or the battery. First make sure that you do not have the voltage setting on your battery too high. If you have a variable voltage battery turn it to a lower setting and this usually helps with the flavor.

Next inspect the apertures (holes in the bottom of the glass chamber). You want to see that these all have oil covering them and you do not see air bubbles, or the oil all pushed to one side of the body as this will affect flavor. If this is the case, see “What to do if I am not getting as big of a hit?”

This can be a tricky question to answer because there are so many variables so start simple then work your way up. 

Is the cartridge connected to the battery correctly? Make sure you have fully screwed the cartridge to the battery.

Does the battery need to be charged? This is a very common one, make sure that you have a fully charged battery to get an optimal puff. 

Are the connection points between the battery and the cartridge free of debris and making a firm contact?

Have you refilled your cartridge? Sometimes if you refill your cartridges, you will see a downgrade in performance. The cartridges still work but the puffs are a little weaker.

The oil viscosity and cartridge mechanics are important factors. As the oil burns in the cartridge and floods the wick it thickens into a harder substance when you are not burning it. So, when you go to take another puff later in the day you must loosen that oil up to get it to flood that wick again and get an optimal puff. Try preheating your cartridge if this ever happens to loosen the oil and get a larger puff. 

No oil in the chamber is another factor. If you look at the bottom of your cartridge you will see holes, these are called apertures. Sometimes an air bubble can form around an aperture or even a cartridge being left on its side can cause the apertures to be exposed to air and not oil. 

When this happens, you will see a decrease in vapor as there is not as much oil in the chamber to vaporize. To fix this leave the cartridge or all-in-one in an upright position in sunlight to allow the oil to warm and cover the apertures fully, once again flooding the chamber with oil.

Refilling a cartridge using a syringe is a very simple process and can even save you some money as you will not be buying the hardware each time you want to consume the product. 

Each package includes an instruction card on how to fill your hardware so when taking out your syringe make sure to full out that paper to follow the instructions and pictures included.

Take your syringe and warm it up so that the oil starts to flow. Make sure you do not burn your oil but there are several ways to do this. This includes leaving it in the sun, put it in warm water with the lid on, warm with heating pads, or even use a blow dryer or other heating element. 

Once the oil is warm unscrew the cartridge and put the dispensing end of the syringe between the glass body and the center post and slowly plunge the syringe in. Never put the oil down the center post, you want to fill the glass body around the center post. Fill slowly until oil is at least over the aperture holes and no more than 1/16″ away from top of glass body. 

Put the lid on the syringe and store the syringe on its side. Put the mouthpiece on the cartridge ensuring a snug fit. Allow time for oil to saturate the wick before taking a draw. When taking your first draw make sure to prime the cartridge by taking small gentle puffs until you see vapor coming out.

The simple answer is yes! You can reuse your cartridge so long as the mouthpiece can be screwed off. 

Note that we do not warranty cartridges once they have been refilled and neither do the vendors, so you run the risk of losing any oil that you put in the cartridge. There is not a known number of times that a cartridge can be refilled and work you will have to track that information if you do this. 

You will however start to see a downgrade in the vapor quality and taste the more you use your cartridge in addition to seeing the glass body start to change colors from repeated use. We do not recommend that you refill your disposable vape as they are not rechargeable.

A properly stored device is one that is child safe, in a dark and cool area, and in an upright position with the mouthpiece up. Consider storing it in a lockbox if you need to keep it out of reach from children.

The Clear Battery Questions

No, you can use any 510 thread battery with our cartridges. Note that some batteries are designed to work with a specific cartridge so you could not get as good of a puff because the cartridge and battery are not 100% designed for each other.

To turn the battery on, quickly click the button on the battery five times. To turn the battery off, click the button five times.

Two clicks will cause the battery to go into a pre-heat mode where it heats up to a low voltage. You will see simultaneous colors for 10 seconds; at this time the battery is preheating to 1.8 volts. 

This mode can be stopped by pressing button once again. Pre-heat mode helps warm the oil and get it ready for a great first hit. This is only needed if you have not hit the cartridge before, or if it needs to be warmed up because it’s cold. Click the button three times to change between the different voltage settings.

Access our Battery Guide for more information.

There are three main voltage settings for The Clear 510 Thread Variable voltage battery. Click the button three times to adjust the voltage. The button will change color to signify the different voltages.

  1. White 2.7 Volts: The white color on the button means a low setting at 2.7 volts. The lower setting generally works best with less viscous material like Classic and Endo because the oil needs little heat to get it moving. You will get the most flavor out of this setting but less vapor.
  2. Blue 3.1 Volts: The blue color on the button means a medium setting at 3.1 volts. This medium setting is good if you want a bigger vapor hit than what you would get on the white setting.
  3. Red 3.6 Volts: The red color on the button means a high setting at 3.6 volts. You will get the biggest hits on this setting but a little less flavor. We generally recommend the higher setting for our Elite oil cartridges with higher THC content because it heats that oil to the temperature it needs to start flowing into the chamber. 

There are two main voltage settings on the new Dual Voltage battery. Click the button three times to change between settings. The button will change color with each setting.

  1. White: 3.0 Volts: This is great if you want to get as much flavor out of the cartridge. The lower voltage preserves the flavor but also burns less cannabinoids. This setting is ideal when consuming ENDO live resin oil or our Classic 2:1 oil because both have more cannabinoids and terpenes in the cartridge. 
  2. Yellow 3.6 Volts: Use this setting to get a larger hit. The additional heat can remove some of the more volatile terpenes and so you will get a large puff but less flavor. This voltage is ideal for The Clear Elite oil.

The blinking indicates that this is a safety setting in the battery to ensure that you do not overheat the battery.

The blinking indicates that it’s not making a connection with the battery and either needs to be cleaned off and reconnected or is not compatible with that hardware and battery combination.

First if you push the button 5 times to turn on and it will not light up when you push the button then it needs to be charged. 

A battery needs to be recharged when you go to take a puff and the battery blinks at you. This indicates that the battery is dead. If the battery is blinking when you draw it, then unscrew your cartridge and charge the battery. 

Another way to know if your battery is at the point of needing a charge is to monitor the amount of vapor you are getting. If you are drawing your cartridge and you are getting great vapor then all of the sudden its starts getting less and less vapor this is usually an indication of a low battery.

Low vapor production may indicate a low battery charge. To charge your battery, first separate the vape cartridge from the battery. 

A buttonless battery will come with a USB charger with a 510 thread at the other end. Screw the battery into the 510 thread end and plug in the USB end into a power supply. Only plug into a power supply that is 5 volts or less.

A battery with a button for different voltage settings will come with a cord with a USB at one end and a micro USB at the other end. Plug in the battery into the small micro USB end and plug in the USB end into a power supply. Only plug into a power supply that is 5 volts or less.

The battery light will indicate if it is charging and the light will shut off when the charging is complete.

The Clear Products Questions

We use sophisticated extraction techniques to maximize yields of the full cannabinoid profile in each plant. This includes CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon, butane and alcohol extraction. All these processes separate important cannabinoids from the flower we are starting with. No harmful chemicals are involved. 

Many concentrate makers consider the process complete once the residual solvents are removed. This is only the beginning of the process for The Clear. Learn more about how we create the purest cannabis concentrate on the market.

Yes, we use botanical naturally-derived terpenes and flavonoids from plants to formulate all our flavors in-house. We get our flavor compounds from the highest quality certified manufacturers, and we thoroughly test for guaranteed consistency. Our terpene and flavonoid extraction process draws out the best, most concentrated form of natural flavor, which in turn means very little added flavor is needed to the finished product to get an amazing potent flavor.

Lobster Butter is our version of raw flavorless distillate. This product is untouched after distillation and polishing and contains no flavors. As our most potent, highest THC product this acts as a great base for formulating or consumed as is.

The Clear Purchase Questions

Currently, you can legally purchase The Clear products at licensed retail stores in the U.S. in nine states. These states include: Colorado, California, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Montana or Oklahoma. The tax rates and types of products and flavors you can purchase vary by state and city. 

Find a store location in any of these states on our Locations page. Simply type in your address or zip code in the ‘Your Location’ box, select your search radius and click the ‘Search’ button. A list of stores with names, contact information and directions will appear as a list next to the map. 

The map will show the stores that currently carry The Clear products in your area. Zoom in or out to see the specific locations. Call the store ahead of your visit to make sure they have your desired product or flavor.

You can order The Clear THC products online ahead of your visit to a dispensary that offers online ordering. Go to the ‘Shop Now’ page of this website to select your online shopping experience with Weedmaps or I Heart Jane. Find and order products ahead of your visit to a store for pick up or if the store offers it, delivery. You can find The Clear products to order ahead on cannabis directory menus including Leafly, Weedmaps, I Heart Jane or Dutchie

You can purchase The Clear CBD products online in the U.S. with no shipping costs on The Clear CBD website.

If you can’t find The Clear in your state, we’re not there yet.  If you know someone who might be interested in licensing The Clear for their dispensary or full-service grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re interested partnering with The Clear because you have a license to manufacture and/or distribute cannabis products in your state, we’d love to hear from you! Learn more and contact us here.

If you’re a retail license holder and are interested in getting The Clear products into your dispensary contact us here. Join our network of amazing storefront partners, in any of the states we are currently available!

For media inquiries email us at and for all other customer inquiries, contact us here.