The Clear™ Difference

What is The Clear™?

The Clear™ is a 100% solvent-free and pesticide-free cannabis concentrate. Unmatched in it’s potency, purity, and flavor. The Clear™ is a translucent oil of distilled THC, and is activated by our specially-developed process to make it effective in oral, combustible, and even trans-dermal applications. Available in the Raw form, or with re-introduced flavors and terpenes, the Clear™ sets the standard in medicinal cannabis.

Do you ever smoke cannabis flower and have dramatically different experiences from flower to flower? With the Clear™ you can count on the same experience every time, this pharmaceutical-grade formulation is designed to provide the same exact experience every time you use it.

What makes The Clear™ different?

All of the companies that have come after us are now calling their products ‘Clear’-something, and they are all claiming that distilled THC (aka distillate) is all the same. These companies couldn’t be any more disingenuous, and, their claims couldn’t be any further from fact.

We are unique and unmatched in our commitment to state-of-the-art science and cultural connectedness. While we apply science and strive to set the professional standards, we are also people who come from all aspects of cannabis culture, from the dab community to the casual professional vape consumer. We want to make the best products for the community, because we are the community.

How is The Clear™ the future of cannabis?

Just as we revolutionized and set standards for cannabis vaping, we are doing the same in other product categories. Much of our intellectual property and breakthroughs are yet to be commercialized so you can count on seeing disruptive products in the years to come.

We strive to create the most potent, cleanest, and enjoyable cannabis products on earth. This requires developing new technologies while staying connected to the market. With a team of dedicated scientists and professionals, we are continuously optimizing techniques and processes, and innovating the equipment to process our products.