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What We Offer

Quality Cannabis

Our cannabis is cultivated in-house by experienced and knowledgeable growers who are passionate about providing our patients with the best medicine possible. 

Premium Concentrates

We carry a variety of concentrates from several different processing companies. From shatter and wax to live resin and crystalline, we have everything to suit your dabbing needs. 

Delicious Edibles

If edibles are more your thing, we have a number of different candies and baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth; we also have tablets and tinctures if you're looking to cut out the sugar. 

Soothing Topicals

If you need to target a specific problem area, we carry a handful of different salves and lotions to soothe those aching muscles and joints, or help you relax after a long day. 

CBD Products

 Looking for CBD infused products? We have many different tinctures, salves, edibles and concentrates, as well as THC/CBD products for medical marijuana patients. 

Canna Botica – Med
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Denver Colorado 80223
United States
Phone: (303) 777-1550
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