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bgood West Wash Park is a different kind of Dispensary.  We are not on a busy street or in an industrial section – we are in a beautiful neighborhood with a café on one side of us and an Italian restaurant on the other.  When you pull up, you will have to look for our address on the awning, as we have no sign or green cross.  There are no bars on the doors or windows, and when you enter, you will be pleased to see no cages or gates to get to our service counter.  You will find a very relaxed environment with a mellow reception area featuring comfy leather chairs and a low coffee table.  If you haven't visited bgood yet, you should – it’s nothing like your run of the mill dispensary.

Selection and service have always been our specialties.  We offer all our products at various price points to accommodate as many of our patients as we are able.  Once you get to the service counter, you will find a vast array of cannabis strains, all of high quality, featuring traditionally grown varieties as well as some strains of hydroponically grown LAMA Brand Cannabis (LBC).  Also, you will be perhaps the largest selection of concentrates in the metro area.  And you will see quite a large edible selection, with the lowest prices we’ve seen anywhere.  See our menu pagefor specifics.

But what we are most proud of at bgood is our staff.  We have patients who have been with us for over seven years, since we have opened, and what they keep telling us they come back for is the experience.  We hope you get to enjoy the bgood experience soon!

Bgood – Denver Wash Park – Med
80 South Pennsylvania Street
Denver Colorado 80209
United States
Phone: (303) 777-5239
: no fax