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Ever since our first harvest we have been producing the best flower possible. We are proud to present our girls to you for your enjoyment and believe you will be impressed. Some of our strains are currently “Top Shelf” strains in select dispensaries.

With our grow operation in place we were ready to open our own dispensaries and bring our product directly to you. The 404 Dispensary came to life in beautiful Pueblo, Colorado. After researching many Colorado Dispensaries, we wanted to do something different. The same ole same ole vibe was overplayed in our opinion and some excitement was needed. We didn’t want that boring doctor’s office vibe or the hippie vibe that was being played out on the scene. They’re cool and all but just not us. Our roots are in music and fun. Rock and Roll to be exact. We were also tired of the color green. We all get the green thing but enough is enough. Thus we present to you The 404 Dispensary – The Dispensary That Rocks!

Our colors are vibrant reds, our walls are colorful murals with rock and roll themes covering them. The music is a little loud but not annoying and our budtenders are knowledgeable and excited to be there for you. Best of all, our flower is literally one of a kind in most cases. We carry a full line of edibles and concentrates for your pleasure. Our general manager, Terry, is a 20-year Registered Nurse so if advice is needed regarding medicinal uses he has seen work for others, hit him up. Come on in and give us a spin. You will not be disappointed!

See You Soon and Rock On!

404 – Rec
404 North Greenwood Street
Pueblo Colorado 81003
United States
Phone: (719) 696-9769