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The Clear™ CBD

Clear™ cbd

The Clear™ CBD line is inspired by all of the many stories that our customers share with us daily about how CBD has enhanced and/or changed their lives. Now you can enjoy 220 mg of CBD per cartridge with your favorite Clear™ flavors.

Available in 7 Flavors

  • the clear lemon haze

    Lemon Haze

    Our Lemon Haze is loud, tangy and deliciously citrus. The sweet and sour notes burst onto the tongue immediately upon inhale. The impactful lemon taste persists through exhale and lingers on the tongue.

  • the clear lemon lime

    Lemon Lime

    We've taken the delicious taste of lemon lime to a whole new level. The natural tastes are distinct and rich for the palette.

  • the clear orange cream

    Orange Cream

    Our Orange Cream opens with a bright, sweet citrus flavor. This sweet orange remains distinct while accompanying a rich cream base-note throughout.

  • the clear strawberry


    Our Strawberry is the nearly over-ripe, deep red strawberry in the bunch, macerated and soaking in its sweet nectar. While the strawberry top-note is a common flavor, what separates our strawberry is its incredible depth. Our strawberry delivers both a sweet inhale and a truly juicy exhale.

  • the clear grapevine


    Our Grapevine is that juicy, sweet grape flavor that we all recognize from our favorite purple drinks and grape sodas. Its grape top-note is highly expressive, and its finish is long and juicy.

  • the clear potent pineapple

    Potent Pineapple

    Our potent Pineapple opens with its bright, immediately recognizable top-note. Its juicy citrus finish leaves one’s mouth watering for more.

  • the clear blueberry


    Our Blueberry flavor is remarkably true to its name from nose to finish. The unmistakable ripe fruit flavor is enhanced by sweet sugar notes, creating an experience that is sure to bring to mind your favorite blueberry dessert.

What quality is the product? Our team of scientists crafted this product from the finest of ingredients.

Where can I find it? Our products are sold at 100's  of locations nationwide, check out our locations page to find it.