Cannaco – Trinidad

CannaCo is a recreational marijuana store, dispensary and cultivation facility located in Trinidad, Colorado. Our premium products and showroom visit is a must stop on the Colorado Marijuana tour.

Visiting CannaCo is an exciting store experience, with one of the largest retail marijuana product inventories in all of Colorado. CannaCo sells top shelf bud, edibles, lotions, creams, bath salts and CBD products, as well as souvenirs and memorabilia. Canna Company is truly one of Colorado’s premier marijuana destinations.

The facility is located on Exit 11 off of Interstate Highway 25, the first major highway exit northbound into the State of Colorado, where the purchase, possession and use of marijuana was originally legalized in the United States.

The location makes available plentiful parking and open areas. Local amenities within walking distance include shopping, lodging and eateries and there is a great view of the Sangre De Cristo mountain range to the west and the landmark Fisher Peak to the east. Trinidad Lake State Park is just over the hill and offers a wonderful place to escape the crowds and establish a campsite to explore the miles of trails, wet a line or visit historical local attractions.

We look forward to seeing you there. Look for future announcements and store specials.

Store Hours 

Monday – Sunday / 8:00am – 9:00pm 


Reach out to us with a brief cover letter and resume and we will get back to you soon! 


Cannaco – Trinidad
3019 Toupal Drive
Trinidad Colorado 81082
United States
Phone: (719) 846-8759
: no fax
Products Carried
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Blue Raz
  • 2g Elite Cartridge - Grapevine
  • The Clear Max Battery W USB Charger- BLK
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Blue Raz
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Golden Goat
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Grapevine
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Lemon Haze
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Lime Sorbet
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Lobster Butter
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - OG
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Orange Cream
  • .5g Elite All-in-One - Potent Pineapple
  • The Clear Max Battery W USB Charger- BLK
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Banana Cream
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Blue Raz
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Golden Goat
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Grapevine
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Lemon Haze
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Lobster Butter
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - OG
  • 1g Endo Cartridge - Headband/Blue Raz
  • 1g Endo Cartridge - Potent Pineapple
  • Dripcees - 1:1 Strawberry Watermelon - 100mg
  • Dripcees - 2:1:1 Peaches N' Cream - 20mg
  • Dripcees - Tropical Coconut - 20mg
  • TWAX Mini Infused Pre-roll - 6 Pack - Grapevine
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Golden Goat
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Grapevine
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Lemon Haze
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Lime Sorbet
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - OG
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Orange Cream
  • 1g Elite Cartridge - Potent Pineapple

Please call confirm availability.
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