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The Clear Concentrates Swag Giveaway

The Clear Concentrates Swag Giveaway

As we walk into the New Year, we wanted to say Thank You to our dedicated supporters, and followers. We’re doing so with The Clear Concentrates Swag Giveaway!

We’ll be accepting entries in many different ways. You can enter here:

The contest will be accepting entries beginning 12:00 AM 1/15/2021 and entries will be accepted through 11:59 PM on 1/31/2021. Three lucky winners will be selected 2/1/2021 and contacted 2/2/2021. For a full list of prizes, head here! If you’d like to forego the contest and just grab yourself some awesome Clear Gear, you can find sweatshirts, beanies, and tees on the Clear CBD’s website, here.

Best of luck! We hope you win!

NOTE: Contest Closed*

Lithium Ion Batteries: Spotlight

Lithium Ion Batteries: Spotlight

The longevity of lithium ion batteries in our disposable vape pens is dependent on many factors. This is including:

  • Storage method,
  • Storage Temperature,
  • Usage rate,
  • Oil viscosity and, of course,
  • The starting charge of the battery.

With all of these factors at play, there is a chance of occasional battery underperformance.

In these situations, you might experience sluggish performance or battery degradation. This could mean a few things. The product may be being under heated. Alternatively, the battery could drain before the oil tank is completely consumed.

At The Clear, we stand behind our product. Accordingly, we’ll go out of our way to give an honest profile of it.

While we know these batteries are perfect for our cannabis vaping needs, we prefer to showcase them honestly.

If you are to experience a disposable from The Clear with either of these issues, simply return it to your dispensary for replacement.

Informative graph showing there is an optimal temperature for vaping cannabis and cbd when using lithium ion batteries
Image courtesy of Clear Cannabis Inc

Consider These Storage Tips to Avoid Lithium Ion Batteries Underperforming:

  1. Avoid Mechanical or Electrical Abuse.
  2. Store preferably in a cool, dry and ventilated area, which is subject to little temperature change.
  3. Avoid storage at high temperatures
  4. Do not place the battery near heating equipment, nor expose to direct sunlight for long periods.
  5. Avoid freezing or leaving outdoors overnight in cold temperatures.
  6. Store disposable upright if possible.