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Baroni Virgin Rosin


Virgin Rosin results from a low-temperature, high-pressure extract process. It is very high in both cannabinoid and terpene content. Fresh top-shelf flowers are pressed to produce this top-shelf extract.

Quantity / Strength
  • 0.5g THC
Available in 12 Flavors
  • Pure Kong Kush
    Pure Kong Kush

  • Tangie

  • Cookie Tangie
    Cookie Tangie

  • Sour Kush
    Sour Kush

  • Kosher Dawg
    Kosher Dawg

  • SFV OG
    SFV OG

  • Super Silver LA
    Super Silver LA

  • Chem 91
    Chem 91

  • Sour Scout
    Sour Scout

  • 24K

  • Banana Pie
    Banana Pie

  • Miss USA
    Miss USA


  • Baroni Virgin Rosin

What quality is the product?

Our team of scientists crafted this product from the finest of ingredients.
Learn more about The Clear™ Difference.

Where can I find it?

Our products are sold at 182 locations, check out our locations page to find it!


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